Grupo Almina:

EPDM – Empresa de Perfuração e Desenvolvimento Mineiro, S.A., belongs to the ALMINA Holding group of which ALMINA - Minas do Alentejo S.A. and Neomina are also part.


Constituted on February 16th 2009 as a public limited company with its headquarters in Algares, Aljustrel, EPDM defined as a strategic objective the business area of the mining development of underground work by taking advantage of the commercial and technological synergies with ALMINA - Minas do Alentejo, S.A. which belongs to the same corporate group. This activity is an integral part of the productive process of the value chain of the mining extraction industry.

The company also specialised in the business area commonly referred to as Mining Prospection, performing drilling, subsoil detailed characterization, identification of new mineralized masses as well as better exploration forms.

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Under licence number 66714, the company is also equipped for the construction of roads, airport lanes, railroads, bridges, tunnels and other civil and hydraulic engineering works.

It is with this vision that EPDM - Empresa de Perfuração e Desenvolvimento Mineiro, S.A. intends to clearly set itself apart from other companies in the sector by innovating in the type of turnkey service it provides.

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EPDM’s ambition is to be a model of competence and innovation.

The company’s mission is to produce value through the development of the Human Resources competences oriented towards innovation and based on principles such as ingenuity, commitment, efficiency, trust and respect for and with everyone.

It is EPDM’s goal to reach maximum productivity by always maintaining quality, client satisfaction as well as qualification, well-being and motivation of its collaborators. The company undertakes a commitment towards sustainable development, serving society in an efficient and ethically responsible manner.